How does screen printing compare to embroidery?

This is kind of like comparing apples and oranges — they both have their place.

Screen printing:

  • Method of choice for most tee shirts, and plenty of other apparel styles
  • The pricing for screen printing is determined by the number of colors, not logo size
  • It is generally lower cost than embroidery, so you get more for your budget
  • High-quality vector artwork is required to reproduce the logo
  • The printed logo should last years, but not forever, as it may begin to crack after a long period of usage


  • Recommended for high-end apparel, such as golf polo shirts, or uneven material, such as fleece jackets
  • The pricing is determined by the number of stitches, so the larger the more expensive, but can contain any colors
  • If the embroidery is small, you can get by with lower-quality artwork, such as a JPG
  • The end result is a longer-lasting, more durable product, since the logo is sewn into the item.

Ultimately there are reasons to do both types of decoration, and if you are unsure of which you may need, contact us and we will give you further advice.

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